Sales Ability

Engage, convert and support.

Ability Description
Powerful sales ability to help teams close more deals, deepen relationships, and manage their pipeline more effectively — all on one connected platform.
Pricing Overview
Free and premium plans that grow with you. Editions starting at: - $0/month (Free) - $49/month (Basic) - $199/month (Advanced)
Leverage the prowess to convert sales, deliver outstanding consumer support, and captivate visitors, forging a path to remarkable outcomes.

Sales Ability That Helps You Sell Faster and Better

Engage visitors

Engage prospects with interactive content, intuitive navigation, and responsive support, converting them into leads.


Collect sales leads intelligently Gather and manage leads with smart automation to boost conversions.
Auto conversation label Automatically label and categorize conversations for efficient organization.
Personalized customer greeting Utilize first-party data to curate individualized customer engagements.
Convert sales

Seamlessly guide shoppers through personalized recommendations and tailored suggestions.


Recommend products Tailored product suggestions that resonate with your customers' preferences and needs.
Search products Swiftly locate products within your inventory with a quick and intuitive search.
Sync Shopify products Effortlessly synchronize your Shopify product catalog for seamless management.
Sense user intentions Detect customer intentions to provide intuitive and relevant support.
Offer discounts Automatically propose enticing discounts to enhance customer satisfaction.
Support consumers

Offer instant assistance, swiftly resolving queries to build strong relationships.


Pretrained solutions Ready-made AI solutions to expedite tasks and enhance performance.
Sync Shopify pages Seamlessly integrate and update Shopify pages for consistent branding.
Migrate from Inbox Effortlessly transition from your existing inbox to streamline communication.
Import FAQ URL Easily import Frequently Asked Questions from URLs for efficient knowledge base setup.
AI suggested FAQ Let AI generate FAQ suggestions to address common inquiries proactively.
Keep data updated Ensure real-time data accuracy with automatic updates across platforms.

We've got your back — every step of the way.

24/7 Customer Support

The Tindra team is on standby to assist with any technical inquiries you might have. You can reach out to us via email or WhatsApp.


Start swiftly with a tailored onboarding strategy. Enhance outcomes with top-notch training, continuous consultation, and technical support.


Tindra provides a diverse collection of free educational content, including blog articles and social media posts, to ensure your team remains at the forefront as you expand.

Sales Ability That Grows With You

Start with free tools and upgrade as you grow, or hit the ground running with one of our premium editions.


No credit card required


Popular features

20 sessions of AI serving customers
Junior sales ability level
Custom the look, style, and model of AI
Floating widget
Unlimited WhatsApp chat


Starts at


Popular features

500 sessions of AI serving customers
Everything in Free
Intermediate sales ability level
Basic Customer Support


Starts at


Popular features

2,500 sessions of AI serving customers
Everything in Basic
Senior sales ability level
Removing Tindra brand
Priority customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you keep my data secure?
We are an official Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, and all customer data stays on their servers in the western United States. Microsoft and AWS use stringent encryption to keep your data private and inaccessible to our staff and third parties. Your data remains your private property.
What kind of customization options do you offer?
You have total control over how your AI Sales Assistant behaves and what it says. You can customize the assistant's name, avatar, responses, and focus areas. You decide what facts, products, and offers the assistant has.
How will the AI Sales Assistant interact with customers?
The AI Sales Assistant will interact with your customers through online chat.
Can I opt-out of any data sharing or processing conducted by the AI Sales Assistant?
Yes, you can opt-out of data sharing or processing by contacting us at
Do I need to agree to the Terms and Conditions to use the AI Sales Assistant?
Yes, you can’t use the AI Sales Assistant without accepting the Terms and Conditions. You'll need to agree to these before you can use the Assistant.
Are your AI Sales Assistants trustworthy?
No, it's your own AI Sales Assistants. It is designed to be helpful, harmless, and honest. They cannot access sensitive customer information without your approval. Just so you know – the assistants only have access to the information you explicitly give them.
Can an AI really improve my sales?
Yes! Studies show AI Sales Assistants can increase conversion rates by 20-30% and average order value by 10-15%. Customers find AI interactions more convenient, efficient, and engaging. The assistants never tire, so they can complement your existing sales team 24/7.
What happens if the AI Sales Assistant fails to understand a customer's inquiry?
If the AI Sales Assistant fails to understand a customer's inquiry, it will offer the option to chat via WhatsApp & Email.
How can I trust the accuracy of the AI Sales Assistant?
While our AI Sales Assistant utilizes powerful AI models, they aren't perfect. There could be occasional inaccuracies, but rest assured, we are consistently learning and improving to provide better assistance.
How do Marketing Ability, Sales Ability, and Operation Ability interact within Tindra?
Marketing Ability, Sales Ability, and Operation Ability are designed to work in synergy. Using multiple Abilities together allows for seamless data integration, offering a cohesive view of your customer's journey, from initial site visit through deal closure to client satisfaction.

Enhance your value by integrating sales, operations, and marketing.

Sales Ability is a pivotal component of Tindra’s unified business platform, fueling your business growth. Each Tindra feature is impactful independently, yet the true synergy emerges when they work harmoniously together.

Marketing Ability

Elevate your brand's impact while connecting authentically with your audience.

Popular Features

Personalized content creation
Seasonal campaign planner
Predictive campaign performance
Operations Ability

Effortlessly manage tasks using natural language, optimize workflows, and simplify complex operations through intuitive AI.

Popular Features

Create discounts and campaigns
Manage products and collections
Instant reports generation on request