How do you keep my data secure?

We are an official Microsoft Azure and AWS partner, and all customer data stays on their servers in the western United States. Microsoft and Amazon use stringent encryption to keep your data private and inaccessible to our staff and third parties. Your data remains your private property.

Are your AI Sales Assistants trustworthy?

No, it's your own AI Sales Assistants. It is designed to be helpful, harmless, and honest. They cannot access sensitive customer information without your approval. Just so you know – the assistants only have access to the information you explicitly give them.

What kind of customization options do you offer?

You have total control over how your AI Sales Assistant behaves and what it says. You can customize the assistant's name, avatar, responses, and focus areas. You decide what facts, products, and offers the assistant has.

Can an AI really improve my sales?

Yes! Studies show AI Sales Assistants can increase conversion rates by 20-30% and average order value by 10-15%. Customers find AI interactions more convenient, efficient, and engaging. The assistants never tire, so they can complement your existing sales team 24/7.

How will the AI Sales Assistant interact with customers?

The AI Sales Assistant will interact with your customers through online chat.

Can the AI Sales Assistant be customized?

Yes, you can customize the AI Assistant's button style and avatar, even its persona.

What happens if the AI Sales Assistant fails to understand a customer's inquiry?

If the AI Sales Assistant fails to understand a customer's inquiry, it will offer the option to chat via WhatsApp.

What should I do if I want to continue using the WhatsApp Direct Support feature?

We highly recommend users switch to our new AI Sales Assistant as the WhatsApp mode will be discontinued soon, please contact us at support@retentia.ai.

What is the cost associated with this new AI Sales Assistant feature?

The upgrade is completely free. We offer a free plan that includes 50 AI sessions each month. Once these sessions are used up, the Assistant will stop responding, and customers will be directed to chat via WhatsApp.

Is the data processed by the AI Sales Assistant stored, and if so, where?

Yes, the data are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). We also use other third-party sub-processors, such as Microsoft Azure, to provide our services.

Can I opt-out of any data sharing or processing conducted by the AI Sales Assistant?

Yes, you can opt-out of data sharing or processing by contacting us at support@retentia.ai.

How can I trust the accuracy of the AI Sales Assistant?

While our AI Sales Assistant utilizes powerful AI models, they aren't perfect. There could be occasional inaccuracies, but rest assured, we are consistently learning and improving to provide better assistance.

Do I need to agree to the Terms and Conditions to use the AI Sales Assistant?

Yes, you can’t use the AI Sales Assistant without accepting the Terms and Conditions. You'll need to agree to these before you can use the Assistant.